DHCRDivision of Housing and Community Renewal (New York; aka Department of Housing and Community Renewal)
DHCRDepartment of Housing and Community Renewal (New York; aka Division of Housing and Community Renewal)
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The landlord applies to the DHCR for an MCI increase.
Now through the efforts of the DHCR, affordable housing meets the information super-highway on this new Web site, where low- and moderate-income families and senior citizens can search for low-cost housing with the click of a mouse," said New York State's Lieutenant Governor Mary O.
Since the official DHCR form calls for more information than the law itself calls for and gives the tenants more instruction than the law requires, there will be owners who will prefer to try staying with their own forms.
We look forward to working with the State, local partners and DHCR in assisting the victims of this tragic flooding as well as helping to rebuild our important downtown areas," said Sadie McKeown, CPC Hudson Valley Regional Director.
If a resident cannot find his/her order, that resident is advised to call DHCR at 1-800-ASK-DHCR (1800-275-3427) to request a duplicate copy.
DHCR works to make New York State a better place to live by supporting community efforts to preserve and expand affordable housing, home ownership and economic opportunities, and by providing equal access to safe, decent and affordable housing.
Cuomo has turned the DHCR into an anti-landlord biased housing agency with emphasis on the pro-tenant sections of the rent laws and disregard for the pro-owner sections.
In doing so, we are seeking to mitigate the effect of the MCI's and provide residents with clarity regarding their ongoing rents," said the statement, which also noted that the company's legal advisors anticipate that all, or almost all, of the MCIs that have now been approved by DHCR will ultimately be granted.
on May 3, CHIP is hosting Taking Control of the DHCR Process--a panel of experts discussing strategies for success in a Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) proceeding.
For rent-controlled apartments, owners must apply for approval from the DHCR to collect the air conditioner surcharge.
Manhattan North Management is responsible for a sizeable affordable housing portfolio that consists of HUD, HDC, DHCR, HPD and tax credit housing throughout East Harlem.
DHCR also issued a form by which new tenants could assert that the owner had failed to comply with the disclosure form.