DHDDial Home Device (Stargate)
DHDDireitos Humanos e Desenvolvimento (Human Rights and Development, Mozambique)
DHDDahod (Railway Station, Indian)
DHDDespatch Half Demurrage
DHDDarren Handley Designs (surfboards)
DHDDoyne Honeycomb Degeneration of Retina
DHDDaytona Harley-Davidson (Ormond Beach, Florida)
DHDDouble Hip Disarticulation
DHDDeck Hatch Dogged
DHDDefense Housing Director
DHDDroits Humains et Démocratie (French: Human Rights and Democracy; Madagascar)
DHDDeep Hole Drilling
DHDDigital High Definition
DHDDeadline Hollywood Daily (online gossip column)
DHDDown Hole Drill (petroleum industry)
DHDDeubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH (German digital audio technology)
DHDDécoupe Haute Définition Diamant (French: Diamond Cut High Definition)
DHDDéveloppement Humain Durable (French: Sustainable Human Development)
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8220;This is perhaps the greatest recognition and honor we have received over the last 15 years,” said Shezad Manjee, DHD Films Founder and Creative Director.
The NIA had found that bureaucrats, in connivance with politicians, including some state ministers, had diverted huge sums to the DHD ( J) for procurement of arms and ammunition.
Second, I needed to make sure that an advanced infrastructure and capable team were in place, to bring DHD to the next level.
Accomplishments include an increase in immunization coverage levels within DHD clinics, an increased registry of child immunization records and an increase in up-to-date immunizations for WIC enrollees.
But according to DHD Healthcare, RPT engineers were able to "nail it," ensuring that no mistakes would be made in identifying this PEP from among the company's various models.
In its advanced state, DHD results in total loss of political judgment.
Under the terms of the agreement, Motion Works receives the assets of two wholly-owned Greenlight subsidiaries: DHD Postimage Inc.
The DHD (J) a banned outfit under Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act started surrendering weapons on September 15.
Manufactures a complete line of material dryers, including its DHD series dehumidifying hopper dryer with process airflow up to 3000 cfm and low dewpoint to -40 F.
HealthLink) and DHD PostImage (DHD) have started off the year with strong project commitments valued at $2.
a medical communications company providing health education programs for professionals and consumers; DHD PostImage Inc.
We welcome the recent decision of the DHD (J) to surrender arms, remain in camps and talk to the Government of Assam on their demands," said Union Home Minister P.