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DHFDengue Hemorrhagic Fever
DHFDengue Haemorrhagic Fever
DHFDansk Håndbold Forbund
DHFDiastolic Heart Failure (cardiology)
DHFDisable High Pass Filter
DHFDomaine des Hautes Fagnes (Belgium hotel)
DHFDolores Huerta Foundation (Bakersfield, CA)
DHFDesign History File
DHFDescending Hypothalamic Fibers (neuroscience)
DHFDai-Ichi High Frequency Co., Ltd.
DHFDépannage Hydraulique Flexibles (French hydraulic hose repair company)
DHFDermatologie Hors Frontières (French: Dermatology outside Borders)
DHFDépannage Hôtellerie et Froid (French: French commercial refrigeration company)
DHFDiluted Hydrofluoric Acid
DHFDiabetes Hands Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)
DHFDemand History File
DHFDorena-Hickman Ferry (Hickman, Kentucky)
DHFData Handling Function
DHFDecoupled Hartree-Fock
DHFAbu Dhabi Al Dhafra Military Airport (airport code)
DHFDocument History File
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DHF was labeled on the presence of plasma leak manifesting as either change of hematocrit [greater than or equal to] 20% from baseline or accumulation of fluid as pleural effusion or ascites, documented by ultrasound in serologically confirmed Dengue patients and DSS with rapid and weak pulse and narrow pulse pressure 17cm.
The ATTD of DM, GE, and organic matter (OM) for pigs fed DHF were higher (p<0.
An approximate number of 30 million new cases of dengue fever occur annually worldwide and 500,000 cases of DHF requiring hospitalization with a mortality rate of 2.
Wahid SF et al has reported that in children, liver involvement is more profound in severe forms of DI such as DHF, DSS.
Children under study were categorized into DF, DHF or DSS according to WHO clinical case definitions and grading of severity of their illness was done on basis of WHO criteria for severity of dengue infection (table-1).
In Pakistan the first confirmed outbreak occurred in 1994 thereafter sporadic cases of DHF continued to be reported from different parts of the country7.
However, as shown in several studies in Latin America and South East Asia, there was gradual inclination towards higher age groups in DHF since early 1980's.
Reemergence of dengue virus type-3 (subtype-III) in India: Implications for increased incidence of DHF and DSS.
The DHF AFDS software can be applied, not only to ATC systems, but also to other kinds of critical airport systems and processes such as Baggage Handling Systems, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Building Management Systems, Power Supply, and Security Systems
4) Between 250,000 and 500,000 cases of DHF occur annually and 24,000 result in death.
The first reported out-break of DHF was from Philippine in 19535.
There is no drug treatment for DHF and fatality rates can exceed 20 percent; however, early and intensive supportive therapy - such as transfusions to reduce bleeding complications and organ failure - can reduce the rates to less than one percent.