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DHFRDiHydroFolate Reductase
DHFRDrustvo Hrvatskih Filmskih Redatelja (Croatian: Croatian Society of Film Directors)
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DHFR is the target of the antimalarial pyrimethamine -- a drug to which malaria parasites are increasingly developing resistance, particularly in Africa.
falciparum clone Ser108Asn is the most effective mutation at DHFR domain (Cowman et al.
Since the HC had been integrated into the CHO DG44 genome coupled with DHFR gene; genomic amplification using MTX was used for increasing the HC gene copy number.
This speculation has been supported by several lines of evidence, such as 1) unmodified glycans are poorly glucosylated by UGGT, 2) M9 containing n-propyl, a modestly hydrophobic aglycon, was marginally reactive, and 3) the reactivity of M9-MTX was markedly attenuated when it was conjugated with DHFR.
Almost every living organism has a version of DHFR, because it is an enzyme needed at a critical step in a pathway that takes folic acid and turns it into thymidine, one of the four building blocks of DNA-the "T" in the A-C-G-T nucleotides.
Overproduction of DHFR provides cancer cells with a defense against methotrexate.
Estas regiones contienen genes que desempenan un papel importante en la generacion o evolucion de la neoplasia, como el factor de transcripcion Dp1 (TFDP1) ubicado en 13q34, encargado de regular la expresion de varios promotores celulares implicados en el ciclo celular entre los que se encuentran la ciclina E, E2F1, Cdc2, ciclina A, DHFR y TK.
The genes DHFR, MTR, and ATIC showed increased expression in the NTD group compared with the control group (Table 3).
Haloferax volcanii DHFR (hvDHFR) is an Achaean group microorganism that flourishes in a salty environment (3.
Scientists say a protein called DHFR is responsible for the disease's ability to become quickly resistant to new treatments.