DHGDødheimsgard (band)
DHGDistinguished Honor Graduate
DHGDie Hard Gamers (gaming clan)
DHGDavion Heavy Guards (BattleTech)
DHGDenihan Hospitality Group, LLC (New York, NY)
DHGDunedin Highland Games
DHGDown Hole Gauge (Oil and Gas)
DHGDimension Healthcare Group (France)
DHGDotation Horaire Globale (French: Global Staffing Schedule)
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Prior to joining DHG, Heather was the Director of Technical Accounting at a large publicly traded financial services company, and she also worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The data collected from molecular genetics files were analysed for all patients referred for haemoglobinopathy testing to the DHG (N=1 249).
As to the how and why the tie-up with Harrys happened, Duncan McLellan, general manager of DHG, said: "We had a number of customers in Abu Dhabi who were already shopping with Harrys of London at their Mayfair store.
Cullen LM, Summerville L, Glassick TV, Crawford DHG, Powell LC, Jazwinska EC.
The DHG Healthcare CIT provides intelligence to serve and advance the delivery of healthcare.
To review and analyse the findings from DNA testing for diagnostic, carrier and prenatal purposes for FXS and other FMR-1 -related disorders, conducted at the DHG over a 20-year period.
Founded in November 2009, Peecho is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and backed by Peak Capital and DHG Holding.
500 million has been allocated for Establishment of 150-bed DHG Hospital in Palendari in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Comments: Permanent Yellow DHG N25 (PY12) is a reddish yellow for publication gravure, with outstanding coloristic properties, mileage and storage stability.
These firms are BKD, DHG Healthcare, Eide Bailly, and HFS Consultants.
Pressure from the AfSHG resulted in relocation of its headquarters from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA (where its President, Professor Charles Rotimi, is based) to the DHG within the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.