DHHADenver Health and Hospital Authority
DHHADeaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance
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Rather than dismantle the current DOD history infrastructure and build anew around a DHHA, a more practical proposal would be to create an activity that aims to coordinate and synthesize collection, chronicle, and connection functions.
Based on a 320-bed medical center, DHHA transformed itself from a city owned and operated organization to the new Denver Health and Hospital Authority in 1997.
Besides its core medical center, DHHA operates the nationally known Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center, 11 federally qualified healthcare centers, Denver's ambulance and trauma center, an HMO called the Denver Health Medical Plan, and Denver's ambulance system.
Four years ago, when Barrett assumed his present position, network infrastructure was a major problem area for the DHHA.
DHHA's utilization trends have increased as other providers have left the market, leaving DHHA as the sole provider of certain services.
While financial trends continue to show improvement from prior years, DHHA is reliant on a network of governmental subsidies to provide profitability for the system.
DHHA is a fully integrated health care delivery system whose principal focus is the provision of services to the medically indigent and uninsured population of the City of Denver.
The essentiality of the services DHHA provides as both the 'safety net' health care system for the region and as a part of Denver and Colorado's public health infrastructure are key credit strengths.
58% from 2007, but DHHA was able to offset declining governmental revenues by achieving a 19% increase in net patient service revenue between 2007 and 2008; premium revenues increased 17% over the same period.
DHHA operating performance weakened in fiscal 2007 with some recovery occurring in fiscal 2009.
In an effort to diversify and enhance its revenue base, DHHA has several contracts with the city of Denver to provide contracted services with revenue streams which are less vulnerable to potential cuts in reimbursement or policy changes.
DHHA is the 'safety net' health care system for the region and has developed into an essential part of the Denver and Colorado public health infrastructure since 1997 when the city transferred substantially all of its health programs to DHHA.