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DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services (US government)
DHHSDeaf and Hard of Hearing Services
DHHSDixie Hollins High School (Florida)
DHHSDana Hills High School (Dana Point, California)
DHHSDeaf and Hard of Hearing Services (Calgary, Alberta)
DHHSDaniel Hand High School (Madison, Connecticut)
DHHSDruid Hills High School (Atlanta, Georgia)
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However, he, Pasternak, and others stress that DHHS was late to the game in many ways.
In response to objections from religious groups and social conservatives opposed to contraception, DHHS proposed a narrow exemption to the contraceptive coverage requirement for religious employers, limited to those that exist for the purpose of inculcating religious values and that primarily employ and serve people who share the employer's religion.
DHHS was awarded a three-year $100,000 grant from the Walter S.
The DHHS interpretation prompted NIH to write new guidelines outlining the use of ES and EG cells in research receiving government funds.
The target counties are characterized by lower accessibility to health care, with relatively low ratios of physicians, registered nurses, and hospital beds (US DHHS, 1993).
Although no detailed implementing language was ever formulated, the DHHS, family planning providers and Congress all interpreted the provision during the 1970s to mean that Title X funds could not be used to provide abortions.
Each year the Secretary of the DHHS is to solicit proposals to modify and expand existing safe harbors, obtain advisory opinions, and issue Special Fraud Alerts.
Thanks to the hard work of the team at DHHS, the agency has made great strides the past few years.
The NC DHHS is an umbrella agency that includes almost every program and service related to health and welfare.
Some notable milestones in the field of health disparities within the United States include the launch of Healthy People 2010 in January 2000, which signaled the commitment of DHHS to the national goal of eliminating health disparities (DHHS 2000); the creation of the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities by Congress in November 2000; and the establishment in 2003 of the Trans-HHS Cancer Health Disparities Progress Review Group, which published its call to action, Making Cancer Health Disparities History, in March 2004 (DHHS 2004).