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DHRDe Heer (Dutch: Mister)
DHRDepartment of Human Resources
DHRDepartment of Historic Resources (Virginia)
DHRDirector of Human Resources
DHRDevice History Record
DHRDecay Heat Removal
DHRDigital Hardcore Records (record label)
DHRDigital Health Record
DHRDesign History Record
DHRDanaher Motion Saro, AB
DHRForeningen for Kortvuxna (Association for People of Short Stature in Sweden)
DHRDong Hae Industrial Company (South Korea)
DHRDéveloppement des Hommes et de Leurs Ressources (French: Development of Women and Their Resources)
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The original study was also not able to test the performance of the DHR assay against samples from the less common autosomal recessive form of CGD.
DHR also set a moratorium on new referrals to Koba from its county-level agencies - even though it never actually revoked Koba's licenses.
DHR officials attribute the increases to the installation of an online intake system that makes processing those services up to 10 times faster.
But administrators CLB Coopers insist that scheme is part of a separate joint venture - Mann Island Properties - and is not affected by the collapse of DHR.
It is therefore critical that the limitations of the DHR screening diagnosis assay (and of all other diagnostic tests for CGD) be understood and that confirmatory testing be considered when appropriate.
DHR International joins a growing list of international firms choosing to locate offices at First Stamford Place this year, including Bank of Ireland and Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing.
Prior to joining DHR, Fingers was managing partner at Source Ponte Search Firm in Denver and formerly was with Humana in Englewood, Colorado as director of large group sales and account management.
King agreed that DHR would dispose of its approximately 5.
Lot 2 refers to 3 sites with total length of 2023 m located in DHR Sofia ;
Presently, DHR runs four trains between Dajeeling and Ghum and two between Karseong and Darjeeling and one as a safari connecting Siliguri to Rontong.
The Chairperson DHR said that the wife of a Missing Person Shaukat Hayat told that her husband was tortured badly and now he cannot speak.