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DHRDe Heer (Dutch: Mister)
DHRDepartment of Human Resources
DHRDepartment of Historic Resources (Virginia)
DHRDirector of Human Resources
DHRDevice History Record
DHRDecay Heat Removal
DHRDigital Hardcore Records (record label)
DHRDigital Health Record
DHRDesign History Record
DHRDanaher Motion Saro, AB
DHRForeningen for Kortvuxna (Association for People of Short Stature in Sweden)
DHRDong Hae Industrial Company (South Korea)
DHRDéveloppement des Hommes et de Leurs Ressources (French: Development of Women and Their Resources)
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After 104 days indefinite strike withdrawn by the Gorkhas, the DHR authority again started toy train services, but it is still not up to the mark.
Simon Mansfield of DHR International, said: "Encouraging diversity can be a long-term process" adding: "The percentage of women on the boards of the largest banks is substantially higher than the rest of the UK's banks and building societies.
Two prime stations Gayabari and Sonada were torched while an arson attempt was made on Elysia Building, the headquarters of the DHR, during the pro-Gorkhaland bandh in the eastern Indian state.
Oasis said the acquisition of DHR, its fourth acquisition in the past two years, will further expand its geographic footprint in the Western region of the United States.
The DHR was declared a world heritage site by Unesco on December 2, 1999.
Frank Smeekes, of DHR International, said: "Shareholders do not want businesses to go through any period of uncertain management or strategic drift.
DHR is highly sensitive, reproducible and rapid assay that quantitates oxidative capacity of neutrophils using fluorescent probe DHR 123.
DHR, a leading public relations agency based in Dublin's Liberties, has been shortlisted from more than 24,000 entries received this year from businesses in 33 countries.
The new agency will be a part of the overall regulatory/promotional structure being established in the DHR to accelerate indigenous production of health products/instruments/medical devices.
Among our major plans is to hire additional experienced consultants before year's end so we can provide more industry expertise and intensify our efforts in a key market such as Saudi Arabia," said Ayman Haddad, managing director, DHR International-Mena.
DHR also set a moratorium on new referrals to Koba from its county-level agencies - even though it never actually revoked Koba's licenses.