DHRCDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Human Resources Center
DHRCDefenders of Human Rights Center (Tehran, Iran)
DHRCDutch Historic Rally Club (Netherlands)
DHRCDiversity & Human Rights Consortium
DHRCDesign History Research Centre (University of Brighton; Faculty of Arts and Architecture; UK)
DHRCDigestive Health Research Center (University of Virginia)
DHRCDalit Human Rights Centre (India)
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The DHRC was founded by Ebadi with the money she was awarded along with her Nobel Peace Prize in 2003
According to the DHRC statement, the highest estimate of fraudulent votes Minnesota had suffered from was marked by the 2008 elections when 113 cases were reported.
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Here's a modest proposal: As employees of participating DHRC agencies are required to take cultural competency training, the executive officers of associated groups who are funded by or through these DHRC agencies should also be required to receive training in cultural competency.
The chief executive officers of the DHRC agencies gather on June 2 to discuss progress of the consortium.
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As a result of this decision, the businesses that comprise its commerce segment -- Bowers and Merena, Superior Sports Auctions, Kingswood Coin Auctions, Odyssey Publications, Lyn Knight Currency Auctions and DHRC, have been classified as held for sale and the related operating results have been classified as discontinued operations; while the Company's grading and authentication businesses -- PCGS, PSA, PSA-DNA and PSE -- comprise its continuing operations.