DHRCDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Human Resources Center
DHRCDefenders of Human Rights Center (Tehran, Iran)
DHRCDutch Historic Rally Club (Netherlands)
DHRCDiversity & Human Rights Consortium
DHRCDesign History Research Centre (University of Brighton; Faculty of Arts and Architecture; UK)
DHRCDigestive Health Research Center (University of Virginia)
DHRCDalit Human Rights Centre (India)
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12) See Convention Debates and Proceedings (July 17, 1788), in 23 DHRC, supra note 2, at 2197.
The Virginia Convention, June 20, 1788, Debates, in 10 DHRC,
According to the DHRC statement, the highest estimate of fraudulent votes Minnesota had suffered from was marked by the 2008 elections when 113 cases were reported.
The 80 000 sq ft building now features the DHRC, laboratories, classrooms, and a 30-station dental hygiene clinic.
3 DHRC, supra note 237, at 535, 553 (Merrill Jensen ed.
Here's a modest proposal: As employees of participating DHRC agencies are required to take cultural competency training, the executive officers of associated groups who are funded by or through these DHRC agencies should also be required to receive training in cultural competency.
Patients who are at risk of developing Diabetes Type 2, are guided to seek professional support and helped by subsidized examination, advice and treatment at heart, eye, feet, nutrition clinics at DHRC.
The DHRC had then considered the replacement term in the broader context of revisions to Standard 2-17, which at the time was the standard most frequently cited for violation by dental hygiene programs, possibly because it was not formatted clearly.
Mohammadi was due to go on trial shortly on security charges related to her human rights work, including "acting against national security" through her membership in the DHRC.
The RAH coil heats up the relief airstream (heat rejection) when the efficiency of the DHRC is better than the efficiency of the air-cooled main chiller.
This was followed by a video of a patient, who had fully recovered from this surgery and shared his experience during treatment at DHRC.