DHVCDickens Heath Village Church (UK)
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on Transport sector Economic ICV q Life Quality DNP & Social Index (2005) Barriers DHV q % of households 2005 w/o housing (2005) census (DANE) DHVC q % of households w/o housing (2005) -quantitative DHVQ q % of households w/o housing (2005) -qualitative NBI q Unsatisfied basic needs (2010) PIBPC q GDP per Authors' capita (2010) computa- tions from PIBPC_SMIN q GDP per capita Dept.
Grigorovich, Lipetskkhlebmacaronprom, Extra M, Melnik, Varna Cereal Product Plant, Noodle Product, Koya, Omsk Macaroni Factory, Sverdlovsk Cereal Product Plant, Macaroni and Confectionery Manufacture, Pospelikhinskaya Macaroni Plant, Smolensk Joint Venture of Macaroni Products, Flour Mill, 1st Petersburg Macaroni Plant, Saransk Macaroni Plant, Altai Macaroni, Tula Macaroni Plant, DHVC, Baisad, Vladimir Macaroni, etc.