DHWSDomestic Hot Water Services
DHWSDisposal of Hazardous Waste Service (University College London; UK)
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There is a large range of these which include window area (as % of wall area), ventilation type, heating system, cooling system, flow control on DHWS, daylighting and occupancy control of lighting, lighting efficacy, IT density and efficiency, etc.
a) Determining location of storage tanks, pipework systems and mains supply b) Measure and inspect storage tanks, pipework systems and mains supply c) Obtaining water samples and submitting to analyst d) Obtaining test certificates when requested for bacterial, chemical, lead and legionella analysis e) Prepare schematic for site DHWS upon request f) Provide site log books which shall contain details of the systems including results of risk assessments and information relating to temperature, inspections, chemical tests and treatments, service records of visits and management systems protocols relating to the site system g) Chlorine Detection h) Upgrading Storage tanks where required