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DHOMDeputy Head of Mission (various locations)
DHOMDiploma in Homoeopathic Medicine
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Quando observado o consumo das dietas, verifica-se que nao houve diferenca significativa entre os grupos experimentais, porem, o ganho de peso foi significativamente maior nos grupos Controle e DHOM, que receberam dieta hiperlipidica com oleo de soja e hiperlipidica com azeite de oliva e oleo de milho, respectivamente.
Os valores de colesterol total do grupo DHOM (dieta hiperlipidica, que possuia o oleo de milho e azeite de oliva) foram discretamente menores que os demais grupos, no entanto, essa diferenca nao foi significativa.
The more experience you have under your belt, the more comfortable and confident we are," Willamette coach Gina Dhom said.
She has some clear goals of where she wants to go, and if anyone can do it, she can," Dhom said.
James Dhom & Associates, LLC Saline (734) 944-7109
Willamette coach Gina Dhom was not surprised by her freshman phenom.
I knew who she was, so I think others were more shocked than I was," Dhom said.
I'm so proud of him," Willamette coach Gina Dhom said.
Although Lee just turned 15, Willamette coach Gina Dhom doesn't expect her to be overwhelmed by the state championships.
Then it got a little crazy, as Willamette coach Gina Dhom went out on a very thin limb with her guess.
Executive Engineer Dhom Balkawadi Project Division Wai Dist Satara