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DIAGDisbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (Afghanistan)
DIAGDigital Image Applications Group
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Other key advantages include Switzerland's flexible labor laws and business-friendly climate," said DIAG Managing Director Dr.
At a ceremony marking the transfer of DIAG control here on Wednesday, Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said the programme would continue under the Counter-Terrorism Department of the ministry.
He said the commanders decided to hand over their weapons to the DIAG after reconciliation.
The weapons were colleted from different districts and the provincial capital of Jalalabad as part of the DIAG campaign, the police chief said.
He recalled on participants to convince the illegally armed people to hand over their illegal weapons to DIAG.
The workshop was aimed at disseminating relevant information on DIAG among the elders and local community in the central Kapisa province and expediting the implementation of DIAG and the Gun Law with support of the tribal leaders.