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DIALSDigital Integrated Automatic Landing System
DIALSDefense Information Automated Locator System
DIALSDocument Issuance & Automated Library System
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Drawing a cunningly wrought key from his pocket-pouch, he removed the cover of the right-hand dial of the controlling destination compass.
Our General Communication dial has caught her talk and begins to eavesdrop.
After closely examining the dial and observing that it was nearly twelve o'clock, I opened it at the back and was interested to observe an inner case of ivory, upon which was painted a miniature portrait in that exquisite and delicate manner which was in vogue during the eighteenth century.
This dial hanging in front of us indicates the speed of the Nautilus.
To test the intensity of the light whose nature and cause he could not determine, he took out his watch to see if he could make out the figures on the dial.