DIAMMDigital Image Archive of Medieval Music (UK)
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984-988) by searching the source description field for "Dow," even when limiting to Oxford or Christ Church; for now, the scholar would be well-served to know at least the manuscript's location before attempting a search in DIAMM.
Each source record encourages researchers to contact DIAMM for additions or corrections to the record, which at this point are uploaded at periodic intervals throughout the year (the ability to make changes to the database publicly available in real time is expected in the forthcoming upgrade).
All private notes are listed in the image view, creating hyperlinks to any other manuscript image in DIAMM that can be used to compare two images side-by-side in the same screen.
DIAMM itself is one of several similar digital scholarship projects for early music that combine high quality images and detailed metadata, including some independent database projects that are now collaborating with DIAMM.