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DIAMONDSDefense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Services
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I began by picking up all the largest diamonds I could find and storing them carefully in the leathern wallet which had held my provisions; this I tied securely to my belt.
Before we left I exchanged one of my diamonds for much goodly merchandise by which I profited greatly on our homeward way.
He told me he was bound to make his fortune somehow, or try to; so he might as well have a fling for the diamonds.
Also if by chance we should reach this place, and find diamonds, they shall belong to you and Good equally.
You don't suppose that all the diamonds which go to Court belong to the wearers; like those beautiful stones which Lady Jane has, and which are much handsomer than any which I have, I am certain.
The diamonds, which had created Rawdon's admiration, never went back to Mr.
So you think of having a try for his diamonds yourself?
To be quite frank, I have had them on my conscience for some time; one couldn't hear so much of the man, and his prize-fighter, and his diamonds, without feeling it a kind of duty to have a go for them; but when it comes to brandishing a revolver and practically challenging the world, the thing becomes inevitable.
The goldsmith cast a glance at the elegant manner in which they were set, calculated, one with another, what the diamonds were worth, and without hesitation said, "Fifteen hundred pistoles each, my Lord.
Can you arrange the locket," Alban asked, "so that the side on which the diamonds appear hangs outward?
The adventures of the Yellow Diamond begin with the eleventh century of the Christian era.
To one in Edmond's position the diamond certainly was of great value.