DIANDDepartment of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Government of Canada)
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In 1970, responsibility for adult education in the Arctic was transferred from DIAND in Ottawa to the GNWT in Yellowknife.
There were a few key exceptions, notably Quebec's minister of Native affairs, John Ciaccia (who had a previous career as a DIAND bureaucrat) and several federal ministers and mandarins who also had significant DIAND experience.
As well, the Committee recommends that immediate steps should be taken by DIAND to put in place a First Nations Electoral and Appeals Commission.
The team was working hard to make the case that the two per cent budget cap for DIAND that was imposed in 1996 had unacceptably eroded the quality and quantity of programs and services for First Nations.
Indian Taxation Advisory Board and DIAND (1999), "Expanding Commercial Activity on First Nation Land: Lowering the Cost of Doing Business on Reserve".
If everything you do takes six months to two years to get through, you can't do it with DIAND," said St.
The Standing Committee is also hearing from the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and from DIAND.
A senior board official concurred, noting that "there's still a strong tendency for DIAND to try and control and manage board expenditures; DIAND controls boards by limiting their budgets.
DIAND, however, has never had the professional capability to address archaeological concerns, and for a long period relied upon the Archaeological Survey of Canada, a division of the (now) Canadian Museum of Civilization, to provide that expertise.
DIAND has failed to enforce existing regulations at some mines that were permitted.