DIATADublin International Aviation Training Academy (Dublin, Ireland)
DIATADigital Image Analysis and Its Applications
DIATADirect Injection, Aluminum, Throughbolt Assembly (Ford Motor Company)
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En cambio, en las obras de arte no sucede asi, ya que su existencia obedece a causas mucho mas simples e inme diatas respecto a su hacedor.
However, some of the pre-Christian musical instruments and practices still remain; for example, a village above the town of Ambon called Soya Diatas is still noted for making good quality tifa to sell to musicians and tourists, and the local Department of Education and Culture officials are actively promoting the performance of modernised versions of what is still known of the Alifuru music and dance.
Jon Tamaela in Ambon's Department of Education and Culture; musicians employed at the Museum Siwalima in Amdon; musicians, instrument makers, elders, and young katreji dancers of the village of Soya Diatas in the hills just above the town of Ambon; and the university student troupe of Seram-style musicians and dancers led by composer, musician and choreographer Bp.