DIBFDeaf International Basketball Federation
DIBFDiploma in International Banking and Finance (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance)
DIBFDepth-Independent Buildup Factor (method)
DIBFDaegu International Boodypainting Festival (South Korea)
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This perspective may in fact provide a more meaningful measure of year-over-year changes in actual student numbers in Australia, and the DIBF report reflects the same steady growth in enrolment that we have observed otherwise from 2013 on.
A typical formulation of the photocurable system consists 10 g of an as-received resin, 10 mg DIBF, 24.
560]) and the extent of C = C conversion was obtained for a polyester acrylate resin system cured with DIBF/OPPI/DIDMA (1/2/3, molar ratio, DIBF = 0.