DIBIDevice Independent Backup Interface
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DIBI ART una consultora especializada en el desarrollo de alianzas estrategicas entre empresas y los mas destacados artistas plasticos contemporaneos, que por medio de innovadoras acciones, busca construir un nuevo concepto valorizando productos y servicios empresariales vinculandolos con el arte y posicionandolo en nuevos mercados.
Julie, Epic Times marketing director said: "We are warmed by the way the digital community have embraced our enthusiasm to keep DIBI alive and with their support this first-class conference will provide a positive experience and invigorate delegates practically in their day to day activities.
IN THE DETAIL Chris Mills and Bruce Lawson at this year's DIBI conference.
Oli Wood is the producer of the upcoming DIBI conference at the Sage in Gateshead, and is coldclimate on Skype and Twitter
The focus has always been on DIBI being a practical conference.
One of the best things about previous DIBI conferences has been the chance to get to know some incredible talents in our industry at the after party.
The success of conferences such as Thinking Digital and DIBI were important to Codeworks in more ways than one this year.
DIBI was supported by organisations including Github, Jobs in Digital, VPS.
Just before Christmas, we announced the 2011 line-up for DIBI, which includes web guru Jeffrey Zeldman.
However, those co-ordinating its projects such as GameHorizon, Codeworks Connect, Jobs in Digital, NorthernNet, and the DIBI and Thinking Digital conferences moved into their new home on Monday.
Codeworks has since added the GameHorizon and DIBI web conferences to The Sage Gateshead's calendar, and ran the Gateshead Digital Summer in league with Gateshead Council this year.