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DICERDigital Information Center for Environment Research (South Korea)
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Versatility Made Easy With multiple color-coded, interchangeable stainless-steel blades, the Gourmia Power Dicer Slicer Plus makes prep work easy.
NM_203359) were designed to amplify overlapping fragments of partial coding sequence (cds) of bubaline dicer using the online tool Primer3 (Untergrasser et al.
The researchers noticed that cells lacking cyclin D1 produced less of the miRNA-processing protein, Dicer, and therefore had reduced levels of mature miRNA.
2001) were thought to be quickly degraded following Dicer cleavage of the double-stranded pre-miRNA molecule (Matranga et al.
Many miRNAs are regulated at the Dicer processing step.
Cells dial in just the right amount of Dicer by using a family of microRNAs, miR-103.
This agreement further advances our discovery efforts and provides us with the opportunity to develop Dicer Substrate siRNA therapies and targeted drug delivery systems while working with a partner who brings a unique peptide technology platform to the collaboration," said James C.
Urschel used his mechanical aptitude to build a gooseberry snipper, and 97 years later, his namesake company is the largest manufacturer in the world of food size reducers--slicers, dicers and shredders.
Kim DH, Behlke MA, Rose SD, Chang MS, Choi S, Rossi JJ, Synthetic dsRNA Dicer substrates enhance RNAi potency and efficacy, Nat.
Veteran slice 'n' dicer Michael Myers is back with ageing victim Jamie Lee Curtis.
In it, they bound themselves to take up Christ's cross, to defend the Catholic Church, to preserve the King's person and his issue, to strive for the suppression of "these heretics" and their heresies, to expel "villein" blood and "evil councillors" and to replace them with men of decent birth: they named Cromwell, Audley, and Rich, "that dicer and false swearer.
Dicer Professor of Logistics and Transportation The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee 37996