DICPDalian Institute of Chemical Physics (China)
DICPDublin Inner City Partnership
DICPDrug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy (periodical)
DICPDenver Inner City Parish (Denver, CO)
DICPDefense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
DICPDrop In Communications Package (MKV SOC)
DICPDirection des Impôts et des Contributions Publiques (French: Department of Taxation and Public Contributions)
DICPDisponibilité, Intégrité, Confidentialité et Preuve (French: Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Evidence)
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The previous Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has never set foot in DICP but claimed that DICP has no facilities for small exporters, when in fact it has.
The major challenge faced by DICP was that it was literally squeezed by the previous government by issuing only annual permits to operate, instead of long-term one.
To ensure equivalent information in the market, Morphic is now making public that it is cooperating with, among others, Sony Ericsson, Casio, Toyota, Nissan, Ericsson Radio Systems, Ultra Cell, Shanghai Shenli, DICP, WHUT, Beijing Fuyan, Dong Feng Automobile.
Established for over 50 years, DICP is a world leader in chemical research.
In announcing this award, Professor Zhenju Lu, director of the DICP in Dalian, explained that it "was created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to recognize outstanding scholars overseas and to promote their scientific collaboration with CAS institutes.
Zhou plans to visit the DICP facility in March to meet with his research associates, a group of more than a dozen post-doctoral candidates and graduate students.
Model DICP system is designed to offset print the inside of closures at rates up to 2000 caps/min.