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DICTDepartment of Information and Communications Technology (Philippines)
DICTDiploma in Information Communication Technology (various universities)
DICTDense Irregular Connective Tissue (anatomy)
DICTDominant Introverted Concrete Thinker (Jung personality type indicator)
DICTDirectorate of Information and Communication Technology (various organizations)
DICTDéclaration d'Intention de Commencement des Travaux (French: Declaration of Intent of Commencement of Works)
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The telecom industry calls for tremendous capital expenditure (capex) - P300 billion for five years or P60 billion a year, according to the DICT.
Then, there is the more recent move by DICT to force all telecommunication companies operating in the Philippines to share in the use of cell towers, to be built by a third independent company.
He said the DICT is also investing in developing the cybersecurity capabilities of the country through the National Cyber Intelligence Platform.
The DICT has yet to compile a record of government agencies and private companies in the Philippines that are vulnerable to breaches, other critics said.
6]mol/l ICA, ICT and DICT, which were the lowest concentration that showed maximum growth in the proliferation experiment, as well as [10.
Rio mentioned spectrum refarming anew when asked how the DICT would support interested telco players keen on entering the Philippines in the future.
DICT and NTC will post the revised draft of the MC next week and will have a public hearing 10 days after.
The DICT presented on Monday bid parameters recommended by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union as well as its own inputs, which included feedback from potential bidders.
In a bid to end the 'telecoms duopoly' in the country initiated by Globe and PLDT, President Duterte has ordered the DICT and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to swiftly approve applications and licenses to allow the third telecoms player to begin operations by March, 2018.
Based on the draft document previously released by the DICT, a social media team will be created to handle the social media accounts of government agencies.
Others are welcome to join, the DICT cheerily said, though of course within limits, such as having to work with the National Transmission Corp.
and the officer in charge of the DICT, Undersecretary Eliseo M.