DIDDDepartment of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Tennessee)
DIDDDense Intramembranous Deposit Disease
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In January 2015, the parties agreed to a plan to exit the suit in which DIDD and TennCare agreed to complete nine sections of requirements, including:
DIDD is responsible for administration and oversight of community-based services for approximately 8,000 Tennesseans with intellectual disabilities, as well as 4,000 individuals through the Family Support Program and is the first and only state service delivery system in the nation to receive Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership.
DIDD prides itself on being a national leader in many areas, but we need to catch up on the use of enabling technology, DIDD Commissioner Debra Payne said.
DIDD has spent several months researching available technologies and how they are being used in intellectual disabilities programs across the country.
Courier Service for the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services ( TDMHSAS ) and Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities ( DIDD ) shall be seven (7) days a week including legal State holidays.