DIEADiisopropylethylamine (Hunig's Base)
DIEADepartment of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (Australia)
DIEADefense Information Enterprise Architecture
DIEADiplôme d'Intelligence Économique Appliquée (French: Diploma of Applied Business Intelligence)
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The DIEA is the eleventh member of the GSGF, joining EDSO for Smart Grids (EU), GridWise Alliance (U.
The N termini were acylated by using acetic anhydride (10 mol equivalents) with HOBt (10 mol equivalents), HBTU (5 mol equivalents), and DIEA (10 mol equivalents) in DMF for 2 h.
Vietnamese migrant women, children and the elderly, in particular, have been identified as disadvantaged due to poor socio-economic status and low levels of formal education, compounded by a lack of English language and other cultural barriers (Jones, 1993; DIEA, 1995; Maltby, 1998; Kliewer and Jones, 1997; Maltby, 1999).