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DIEMDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management (Finland)
DIEMDanish Institute of Electroacoustic Music
DIEMDipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni Meccaniche, Nucleari, Aeronautiche e di Metallurgia (Italian: Mechanical Engineering Department)
DIEMDroit et Immigration Europe-Maghreb (French: Immigration Law and Europe-Maghreb)
DIEMDansk Institut for Elektronisk Musik (Danish: Danish Institute of Electronic Music; est. 1987; Denmark)
DIEMTesting a Diffusion of Innovations in Education Model (Mark K. Warford book)
DIEMDiploma in International Event Management (academic program)
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In Johnston's Physical Atlas, the average rate of the several Atlantic currents is 33 miles per diem (some currents running at the rate of 60 miles per diem); on this average, the seeds of 14/100 plants belonging to one country might be floated across 924 miles of sea to another country; and when stranded, if blown to a favourable spot by an inland gale, they would germinate.
Never's been drunk or sober in twenty years, and has never missed his six quarts of beer per diem.
In return for this Schulenberg was to send three meals per diem to Sarah's hall room by a waiter--an obsequious one if possible--and furnish her each afternoon with a pencil draft of what Fate had in store for Schulenberg's customers on the morrow.
Calais was the place of general rendezvous, and at Calais he had named to each of his recruits the hostelry of "Le Grand Monarque," where living was not extravagant, where sailors messed, and where men of the sword, with sheath of leather, be it understood, found lodging, table, food, and all the comforts of life, for thirty sous per diem.
Oliver Twist and his companions suffered the tortures of slow starvation for three months: at last they got so voracious and wild with hunger, that one boy, who was tall for his age, and hadn't been used to that sort of thing (for his father had kept a small cook-shop), hinted darkly to his companions, that unless he had another basin of gruel per diem, he was afraid he might some night happen to eat the boy who slept next him, who happened to be a weakly youth of tender age.
It is true, I agreed to be allowed twelve days here, and if I stay more, I must pay three pounds sterling per diem demurrage; nor can I stay upon demurrage above eight days more, and I have been here thirteen already; so that I am perfectly unable to engage in this work unless I would suffer myself to be left behind here again; in which case, if this single ship should miscarry in any part of her voyage, I should be just in the same condition that I was left in here at first, and from which I have been so wonderfully delivered.
Signor Pastrini replied that he had only two rooms and a parlor on the third floor, which he offered at the low charge of a louis per diem.
This bipartisan legislation will ensure that any federal funds from the State Home Per Diem Program stay at our state veterans homes to improve the care of veterans, said Senator Baldwin.
Lawmakers get paid the per diem for the duration of the special session regardless of whether they're at the Capitol every day, according to Patsy Spaw, the secretary of the Senate.
Some courts allow per diem calculations of the amount of
Diem had failed to implement social and political reforms demanded by the Kennedy administration.
eLaw's per diem services are available throughout New York and New Jersey and include: