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DIFDroit Individuel à la Formation (French: Individual Right to Training)
DIFDeposit Insurance Fund (US FDIC)
DIFDifferential Item Functioning
DIFDesarrollo Integral de La Familia (Mexico)
DIFDirectory Interchange Format
DIFDanmarks Idræts-Forbund (Denmark)
DIFDeutsches Filminstitut (German Film Institute)
DIFData Interchange Format
DIFDirect Immunofluorescence
DIFDocument Interchange Format
DIFDisplay Interface
DIFDevelopment Impact Fee (public finance)
DIFDistrict Improvement Financing
DIFDorsal-Related Immunity Factor (genetics)
DIFDirectory Interoperability Forum (IBM, Lotus, Novell, Oracle, et al)
DIFData Integration Framework (information management)
DIFDeath in Family
DIFDiscriminant Index Function
DIFDrug Information Fulltext (database)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish soccer and ice hockey club)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish sport team)
DIFDifficulty, Importance, Frequency (performance assessment)
DIFDiabetes Institutes Foundation (Norfolk, VA)
DIFDrill-In Fluids
DIFDisplay Information Facility (IBM, S/38)
DIFDigital Interface Frame
DIFDifferential White Blood Cell Count
DIFDiscriminant Inventory Function (IRS)
DIFData Interface Format
DIFDear Little Friend (fictional, Prince Caspian -Trumpkin the dwarf)
DIFData Interchange Facility
DIFDirect Immune Fluorescence
DIFDeterministic, Irreducible Finite-State (transition diagram)
DIFDevelopmental Integration Facility
DIFDiagnostic Importance Factor
DIFDMERC (Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier) Information Form (Medicare billing)
DIFDecimation in Frequency (algorithm)
DIFDublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH)
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the DIF will explore ideas such as 21st century science, new business models, sharing economy and many other themes.
In order to help ensure that the DIF has the proper funding to assist in the handling of failed banks, a set of guidelines regarding the reserves held in the DIF against insured funds was outlined in the Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2005.
Next, we evaluated the CG-CAHPS[R] items for DIF related to patient covariates, including the duration of the physician-patient relationship, annual number of physician visits, and self-rated physical and mental health because these factors have been consistently associated with patient care experiences in previous research (Zaslavsky et al.
a change of only 3 mL/min from baseline in the DIF group.
Threshold-related DIF indicates that the two groups differ in how they interpret and use the response options.
Returns will now receive both a DIF and a UI DIF score.
3] Managers formed a team within the DIF to determine appropriate strategies and develop an internal plan for organizational development.
The DIF believes that is a nonsense, reversing the separation of marketing from processing which took place in 1994.
Information on DIF has been published by the Department of Commerce's National Bureau of Standards, which-- along with the Navy and several vendors --has been deeply involved in its development.
For women with severe preeclampsia, DIF is taking treatment to a level that hasn't been available before," said Dr.
Headline sessions featured at the DIF 2015 include: