DIFIDianne Feinstein (California senator)
DIFIDirect Insurance Financial Investments (Israel)
DIFIDivine Films
DIFIDigital Fidelity
DIFIDirektoratet for Forvaltning Og Ikt (Norwegian: Agency for Public Management and eGovernment)
DIFIDiplôme des Iles Françaises Intérieures (French: Diploma of Interior French Islands)
DIFIDansk Institut for Immaterialretsuddannelse (Danish: Danish Institute for Intellectual Property Rights)
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DIFI has the last two years undergone a skills development program in innovation and innovation management.
Noor Al Malki Al Jehani, executive director, DIFI, said: "The social integration of families living in poverty should encompass meeting their basic human needs, including nutrition, health, water and sanitation, housing and access to education and employment.
In addition to its own research activities, DIFI promotes research on the Arab family by providing research grants and organising an Annual Conference on
In preparation, the DIFI Organising Committee is seeking proposals for papers on several themes, including political, economic and cultural challenges facing the family in different regions of the Arab world.
DIFI, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), was founded in 2006 to support family, parental and child rights and dignity, with the mission of encouraging, supporting, and promoting the implementation of the Doha Declaration, and to reaffirm international commitments to strengthen the family.
DIFI Executive Director Noor Al Malki Al Jehani said the MoU was highly significant in promoting a common understanding to consolidate the institutional cooperation between the two parties as a means to contribute to the development goals focusing on families and their members in Qatar.
Amal bint Abdullatif al-Mannai, CEO of QFSW said that QFSW will work hand in hand with DIFI to help support and develop social action, and promote the sustainability of family and community cohesion as well as human development in Qatar in line with QFSW vision and mission in empowering and developing civil society organisations.
By contributing to the global knowledge base on issues facing the Arab family, encouraging knowledge exchange, and ensuring prioritisation by policymakers, DIFI supports Qatar Foundation's mission to contribute to human development and productive change while promoting Qatar's transformation into a successful knowledge-based economy.
Underlining the need to find solutions to poverty in family unit, the Executive Director of DIFI Noor al Malki al Jehani said, "In spite of international society's recognition of the importance of the role played by the family in achieving sustainable development, a global action plan which focuses on the family has yet to be formulated.
Earlier, CIRS director professor Mehran Kamrava introduced the guest speaker, noting the strong ties between GU-Q and DIFI in performing valuable research.
In addition, DIFI is keen on highlighting the role of the family as a defining force in shaping society, focusing on regional trends, areas of strength and resilience and challenges affecting families in Arab countries," it said.
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