DIHRDanish Institute for Human Rights
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In 2010 Nestle signed a partnership agreement with the& DIHR, to support the company in its commitment to respect human rights as stated in its Corporate Business Principles.
Program Manager of the Arab-European Human Rights Dialogue at DIHR, Mu'ayyad Mehyar, who participated in the mission explainshow the mission noted the willingness of the Algerian NHRI and Algerian authorities to work so that the Algerian NHRI could be given a broader mandate and that its independence could be enshrined in law of Algeria.
Under a two-year agreement signed between Barrick and the DIHR, Barrick will support the public launch and expansion of the DIHR s Human Rights and Business Country Portal project, a freely available website that features in-depth research on human rights conditions in specific countries to assist companies in identifying and addressing human rights risks.
We have great respect for the DIHR and welcome this opportunity to work together to better ensure that we meet our responsibility to respect human rights in every country where we do business.
DIHR engages with companies around the world to help them avoid and address negative human rights impacts, said Allan Lerberg Jorgensen, Director of the DIHR s Human Rights and Business Department.
Most immediately, the DIHR reports will be used to inform third party human rights assessments, which are being conducted over a three year period at all Barrick operations and advanced projects.