DIN-PACSDigital Imaging Network - Picture Archiving Communications System
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With a five-year base period and a five-year renewal option, the Fujifilm systems covered under the DIN-PACS IV contract are now available to the DoD, the U.
Fujifilm's Synapse solutions under the DIN-PACS IV contract provide core technology to allow U.
governments DIN-PACS market, Agfa HealthCare VP Tim Artz said in prepared remarks.
Under the DIN-PACS contract, ADAC will deploy its QuadRIS and the integrated Envoi Workflow Manager at National Naval Medical Center and LeMoore Naval Air Station.
The additional DIN-PACS selections by Bethesda and LeMoore continue the validation we are seeing in both the commercial and military/government markets for the true RIS/PACS integrated solutions that ADAC delivers with QuadRIS and the integrated Envoi Workflow Manager.
When the installation becomes operational in October, 1999, it will be the first Department of Defense Medical Treatment Facility to open its doors in a fully functional DIN-PACS environment.
Agfa is converting conventional radiologic technologies to fully digital DIN-PACS environments.
Sun is delighted that Walter Reed selected our industry-leading team to supply its new DIN-PACS system," said Bruce Elder, Sun's Healthcare Industry Director.
When fully operational, DIN-PACS will enable Department of Defense medical staff to process digital medical images from various sources and send them to the archive system.
QuadRIS was selected as part of the IBM-led solution for the United States Department of Defense DIN-PACS (Digital Imaging Network -- Picture Archiving Communications Systems) contract.
Government Defense Logistics Agency DIN-PACS program.
A Defense Department initiative expected to set new standards for digital radiology in health care, DIN-PACS is an acronym for "Digital Imaging Network-Picture Archiving and Communications Systems.