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DINADirección de Inteligencia Nacional (Spanish)
DINADireccion Nacional de Inteligencia (Spanish: National Intelligence Directorate; Chile)
DINADisability Information Network Australia
DINADistributed Intelligent Network Architecture (Sprint)
DINADistributed Information-processing Network Architecture (NEC)
DINADirect Noise Amplification
DINADawn Internet Newsalert (Pakistan)
DINADecision Information Networking Associates, Inc.
DINADirect Internal Noise Amplification
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The former envoy was convicted in December 2016 and sentenced to five years in prison in a trial that made no mention of the vast sums of money, gold and gems that Dina was accused of possessing after his arrest by the Anti-Corruption Unit, an exclusion upon which he said he would base his appeal.
He should've memorized them while he was still in his dressing room,' Dina pointed out.
He then attempted to kill her by injecting her with a lethal compound, but in an unexpected twist, Dina got the upper-hand in their struggle, and he was the one who received the injection instead.
On the 14th of August 1919, Dina was born to Rattanbai, commonly known as Ruttie (though her name officially changed to Maryam upon marriage), wife of Barrister M.
Dina said firefighters later learned one resident was taken to Edward Hospital in Naperville by a relative for treatment of unknown injuries.
Short in stature like her mother, Ratti, but sharp in tongue like the Quaid, Dina Wadia more often than not displayed the Jinnah in her than Ratti.
Ahmad Salim, renowned historian and researcher, opined that on contrary to common perception, Quaid-e-Azam gave Dina Jinnah due share from her property as token of love from her father.
During this time Jinnah included Dina in his will written in 1939.
According to sources within her family, Dina Wadia died today and her funeral activities will soon be taken care of.
2 ( ANI ): Dina Wadia, daughter of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, passed away in London on Thursday, said Pakistani media reports.
However, Dina suffers from a neurological disorder and lives on disability benefit, while Scott has Asperger syndrome.
In the African Games, held from 5 to 19 September in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, Dina Meshref and Omar Assar won gold in the women's singles and the men's singles, respectively.