DINETDysautonomia Information Network (awareness group)
DINETDefense Information Network
DINETDefense Industrial Network
DINETDeep Impact Networking Experiment (US NASA)
DINETDistributed Networks, Inc. (Oceanside, CA)
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Powered by Data Interchange's DINET Integration Cloud, a global messaging and integration platform, QAD Managed EDI provides a cost effective means of securely exchanging business data between trading partners anywhere in the world.
Our DATA MATE 840 improves efficiency and productivity for waste vehicle fleets," stated Bob Chase, president of DINET Data Inc.
Incorporated in 1982, DINET is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wireless Data Solutions Inc.
Under the terms of the contract, DINET will provide Veit with their Waste Management Tracking Solution to improve the efficiency of Veit's vehicle fleet.
This is one more example of the quality and reliability of DINET and Wireless Data Solutions' systems and our continuing efforts to develop strategic relationships," affirmed Brian Blankenburg, CEO of Wireless Data Solutions.
Our widely recognized DINET wireless mobile communications products combined with Soft-Pak's proven software and presence in the waste management industry affords us an excellent advantage in a market with very few proven competitors.
Today's waste management industry presents a complex and changing landscape that demands a massive need for cutting-edge information and the best technologies," stated Bob Chase, president of DINET Data Inc.
Our industry-wide recognized DINET wireless mobile communications products together with this new technology gives us a very strong competitive advantage in the industry.
In making this announcement Blankenburg commented that while Chase would have the primary responsibility of managing the day to day business of DINET he would also team with Blankenburg in the introduction of WDS new products and technologies to new markets that WDS has targeted.
At the same time, I have known Brian Blankenburg for the past two years and watched him develop DINET as a cornerstone of a much broader high growth strategy for WDS.
That's just some of the fun Dinets has heard about since he published "Play behavior in crocodilians" in the February Anima/Behavior and Cognition.
This study changes the way crocodiles have historically been viewed," Dinets said.