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Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Development & Delivery at Thomson, said: 'Last year we noticed a significant rise in couples heading off on a Dinky getaway and this year has been no different.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- NOGGIN, the 24-hour, commercial-free, educational network for preschoolers, will premiere the second season of Pinky Dinky Doo, the interactive and imaginative series from Sesame Workshop and Cartoon Pizza, with two back-to-back new episodes on Sunday, Sept.
He's stranded in the graveyard shift at a dinky radio station by night and irking the staff of a roadside businessman's motel by day (one employee, amusingly played by Sally Phillips, laughs openly, frequently and witheringly at him), with only his bewilderingly loyal personal assistant Lynn (Felicity Montagu) to defend what honor he has remaining.
Mr Hextall - whose force nickname was Dinky because of his diminutive stature - died from heart failure.
The dinky little clamshell-like SV-AV35, on the other band, comes in silver, blue and orange and lacks the digital zoom, but does come bundled with a USB cradle.
Robert Kennedy's bizarre Dinky Menace video was a hilarious satire on the subject of Hollywood dreams and aspirations.
An alsatian named Dinky, who was sentenced to death after biting three postmen, was spared by Judge Roger Hindle in Utah.
Adapted by Bob Eaton and Sayan Kent, the story - set in the 1920s - centres on a disreputable and flagging theatre concert party called the Dinky Doos.
Dinky as they are, these metal gears slightly outsize their better-known and more extensively studied silicon microbrethren.
With prices for general collectibles including dolls, Dinky toys, stamps, and comics rocketing in value by over 75 per cent in the last decade, specialist insurer Hiscox is urging everyone to keep an eye open for hidden gems buried away in lofts, garages and even bottom drawers across Britain.
They include train sets, Meccano, Dinky cars and trucks, marbles, rocking horses, building blocks and teddy bears.