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DIPIDirect Intra Peritoneal Insemination
DIPIDecrease in Pixel Intensity
DIPIDepartment of Infectious and Pediatric Immunology (University of Debrecen; Hungary)
DIPIDiagnostic et Imagerie des Procédés Industriels (French: Diagnosis and Imaging of Industrial Processes; laboratory)
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AC does not allow the security to participate by depositing a sum of money to the cashier DIPI.
Selective Laser Sintering SLS, Selective Laser Melting SLM are used for parts used in chemical and other industrial areas (Smurov 2006, Yadroitsev et all 2007) and also latest research results there at Team Smurov DIPI St.
Description : Developing the IT&C infrastructures, Increase the operational capacity of the public order and safety structures through the extension of the DIPI IT system and ensuring their interoperability with similar EU