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DIPJDistal Interphalangeal Joint
DIPJDirections Interrégionales de la Police Judiciaire (French: Interregional Directorates of the Judicial Police)
DIPJDeclaração de Informações Econômico-Fiscais da Pessoa Jurídica (Portuguese: Statement of Economic and Tax Information of Legal Entities; Brazil)
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TABLE 2 Static 2-point discrimination for hand and wrist (14,15) Distance in mm Location Normal Diminished Absent Distal to DIPJ 3-5 6-10 10+ Between DIPJ and PIPJ 3-6 7-10 10+ Central palm 6-9 10-20 20+ Base of palm and wrist 7-10 11-20 20+ DIPJ, distal interphalangeal joint; PIPJ, proximal interphalangeal joint.
Tenders are invited for The work includes approx 1 LS mobilization; 295 LF of 12" DIPJ water main class 350 in place with trace wire; 1 EA 12" gate valve w/box in place; 1 EA 8" gate valve w/box in place; 1 EA 12" x 6" tee, MJ X FLG in place; 1 EA 8" tee, MJ w/backing block; 3 EA 12" x 90 bend w/backing block in place; 1 EA 12" x 8" reducer in place; 1 EA 12" cap w/backing beam and block; 1 EA 8" sleeve in place; 1 EA type I fire hydrant assembly; 100 LF of remove and replace fencing as necessary; 115 LF of install, maintain and remove silt fence; 7.