DIPSIDirect Implicit Plasma Surface Interactions
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Out of 24, 656 pregnancies screened by December, 2013--3,561 were screened positive on OGTT (as per DIPSI guideline)--thus the recent most prevalence of GDM was found to be 14.
But more intuitively, the difference of this vastness is vested in single abnormal value approach as it is used in this study as per DIPSI guidelines, compared to the 3 values of OGTT.
7) In a study done in 2013 using the DIPSI criteria, 13.
The advantages of DIPSI procedure are that the pregnant women need not be fasting, would cause least disturbance in a pregnant woman's routine activities and serves as both screening and diagnostic procedure.
7%) were diagnosed as having GDM using the DIPSI method.