DIRCODirection Interdépartementale des Routes Centre Ouest (French: Interdepartmental Directorate of Central West Roads)
DIRCODivision d'Instruction Renseignement et Centres Opérationnels (French: Division of Instruction and Information Operations Centers)
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Even though the chapter was withdrawn and subsequently revised (ostensibly following protest and dissent by the DIRCO Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane), the initial diagnosis was suggestive of a country whose moral and political currency was depreciating.
As a foreign policy modus operandi, the White Paper, therefore, represents a muddled mix of principles, norms, practices, and procedures that lack an institutionalised centre of gravity where DIRCO emerges as the rightful public authority.
South Africa also remains strongly critical of the ongoing defiance of the Government of Israel in refusing to halt the illegal settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, thereby complicating any possible resumption of substantial negotiation," added DIRCO.
DIRCO has over the years been at the centre of intergovernmental processes intended to align provincial international relations with the national foreign policy and development priorities.
The framework also established a CFIR, an intergovernmental structure comprising senior officials from all three spheres of government and designed to meet at least twice a year under the auspices of DIRCO.
South African Embassy in Moscow, Note Verbale No 130/2013, 2 September 2013, courtesy of DIRCO.
South Africa's delegation to the IOR-ARC Summit in India is being led by Deputy Minister Ibrahim, who is accompanied by officials from DIRCO, the department of transport and the department of tourism, respectfully.
DIRCO (2013/2014), Annual Report of the African Renaissance and International Co-operation Fund 2013-2014.
approach between the state and business for engaging and partnering with Africa (see DIRCO 2013).
It remains South Africa's largest trading partner, largest investor and largest donor of development assistance," said DIRCO in a statement.
The Committee welcomes the conclusion of discussions between the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in relations to collection of revenue by DIRCO overseas.