DIRMDivision of Information Resource Management
DIRMDirectory Maintenance
DIRMDoes It Really Matter
DIRMDirectorate for Information and Resource Management (US DoD)
DIRMDynamic Integrated Resource Management (project)
DIRMDefense Intelligence Requirement Manual
DIRMDirections Interrégionales de la Mer (French: Interregional Directions of the Sea)
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From FY2000 through FY2002, Congress authorized between $20 million and $50 million in disaster relief funding (DRF) annually to conduct emergency flood hazard studies (FHSs) and to produce pre-FIRMS called "Flood Boundary Maps," and to revise flood hazard maps as DIRMs in affected areas.
One possible outcome could be an opportunity for FEMA to have reciprocal arrangements with states providing digital data and maps for DIRMs, whereby the agency would help those states to offset costs of other nationally important natural hazard risk assessment map projects, such as for identifying seismic hazards, landslides, and coastal-zone flooding.
Given these potential savings, cost/price competition became the primary motive for such investments; American semiconductor dirms moved offshore to reduce costs and expand markets.