DIRMOBFORDirector of Mobility Forces
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Zamzow, "Hurricane Katrina: DIRMOBFOR Summary," lecture, Airlift Tanker Association, Nashville, Tennessee, 28 Oct 2005.
The only caveat to this was a "compelling minimum frequency requirement agreed to by both the JMC director and DIRMOBFOR.
One, there are many issues for the DIRMOBFOR to handle.
It is here that the controversial role of DIRMOBFOR DM4 comes into view.
This in-country expert team of DIRMOBFOR, deputy DIRMOBFOR for airlift, and deputy DIRMOBFOR for tanker operations would give the JFACC a functioning, long-term staff that would handle all mobility functions, from start to finish, of the contingency and add the recent operational expertise needed.
The DIRSPACEFOR concept builds on both the DIRMOBFOR and the SSO positions.
Unlike the Berlin Airlift and MAC era when there was a clearly distinct, single airlift boss, the Allied Force DIRMOBFOR had to please multiple masters.
One possible solution to alleviate this issue is to integrate a Military Sealift Command and Military Traffic Management Command liaison with the DIRMOBFOR staff to ensure sealift considerations are equally weighed in as airlift.
Colonel Coy, Deputy DIRMOBFOR Operation Allied Force, Working Brief, Air Mobility Warfare Center Course, "DIRMOBFOR," AMWC, Courseware, Fort Dix, New Jersey, Mar 00.
One way to prevent the failure of air mobility missions is to move command authority back to the DIRMOBFOR at the theater air mobility level.
In addition, AFDD 2-6 does not address the complexity of the role of the DIRMOBFOR in support of MOOTW, as was encountered during the many task forces of Operation Allied Force.
According to AFDD 2-6, the DIRMOBFOR is the "designated coordinating authority for air mobility with all commands and agencies, both internal and external to the joint force.