DIRSIDiálogo Regional sobre Sociedad de la Información (Spanish: Regional Dialogue on the Information Society)
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The choice of these countries is a consequence of the data availability in the project "Mobile Opportunities: Poverty and Telephony Access in Latin America and the Caribbean" carry out by DIRSI (Dialogo Regional sobre la sociedad de la Informacion) during 2007 was focused on the patterns of access and usage of mobile and internet technology among low income households in these countries.
We use the data gathered in the study "Mobile Opportunities: Poverty and Access to telephony in Latin American and the Caribbean" carried out by DIRSI.
From the DIRSI experience, it is important to note that the surveyed do not make a correct cost-benefit analysis in their mobile spending due to the existence of barriers to credit markets and the high size of informal economies that affect the stability of the income perceived (for details, see www.
National strategies have been the subject of much attention (ECLAC, DIRSI, & UNDP, 2008; Guerra & Jordan, 2010; Hilbert, Bustos, & Ferraz, 2005), and local communities and municipalities have long set up their digital agendas, as well.
Almost all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have by now established some kind of national ICT4D agenda (for reviews, see ECLAC, DIRSI, & UNDP, 2008; Guerra & Jordan, 2010; Hilbert, Bustos, & Ferraz, 2005).