DISAMDirect Indexed Sequential Access Method
DISAMDefense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISAMDetergent-Insoluble Substrate Attachment Matrix
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METs of DISAM instructors travel all over the world to train foreign personnel involved in security assistance and security cooperation.
The LOA validates the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between DISAM and DAU Midwest, and it provides improved learning support and knowledge management to the overall acquisition, technology, and logistics community.
DISAM also draws international students from their host countries' Ministries of Defense, Interior and Finance.
The purpose of the SCM-OC courses is to provide interim orientation on security cooperation to DoD personnel on orders to serve in a security cooperation organization (SCO) overseas who are unable to attend DISAM prior to deployment.
Ken Martin has been at DISAM for over twenty years as an associate professor for the management of security assistance.
In July 2008, DISAM hosted nineteen ranking officers of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the National Police, Iraqi Special Forces and the Counterterrorism Bureau for an accelerated course in the aspects of Security Assistance most pertinent to their needs as an emerging partner nation.
When I discovered this, as a member of the DISAM faculty, I was immediately overjoyed--not because I revel in the thought of poorly planned or executed stability operations, but because I instantly realized that of the seven specific educational/training gaps identified in the survey, DISAM could help in a significant way, to overcome at least six of these gaps.
DoD 2006 Quadrennia/Defense Review Report gives a strong indication why the DISAM was once again invited back to Australia.
The IPT includes representation from OUSD (AT&L), Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Technology Security Administration, Missile Defense Agency, Defense Acquisition University, and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) which is represented by the DISAM.
The on-site courses offered by DISAM are designed to enhance Foreign Military Sales (FMS) understanding of U.
DISAM also posts links to other sources of knowledge regarding security assistance on its web site, such as the on-line DoD 5105.