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DISCDiscover (credit card)
DISCDomestic International Sales Corporation
DISCDiscovery Channel (TV)
DISCDistributed Computing (International Symposium)
DISCDeath-Inducing Signaling Complex (cell apoptosis)
DISCDickinson Independent School District (Dickinson, TX)
DISCDigital Internet Systems Consultants
DISCDigital Interactive Systems Corporation
DISCDistributed Inode Storage Cluster
DISCDistinguished Instructor Short Course (Society of Exploration Geophysicists)
DISCDisarmament and International Security Committee (various organizations)
DISCDominance/Influence/Steadiness/Conscientiousness (personality profile)
DISCDefense Industrial Supply Center
DISCDisconnect Command
DISCDifferential Scattering
DISCDynamic Information Systems Corporation
DISCDaingerfield Island Sailing Club (Alexandria, VA)
DISCDNA Information and Stock Center
DISCDefense Information System Council
DISCDigital Information Services Center (Netherlands)
DISCDiscover Information Security Compliance (Discover's payment card industry data security standard compliance program)
DISCDisaster Information Systems Clearinghouse
DISCData and Information Service for CliC
DISCDISA Information Systems Center
DISCDigital Info Security Company (Colorado)
DISCDirect-Injection Stratified Charge engine
DISCDental Interactive Simulations Corporation
DISCDeprivation, Immediacy, Size and Contingency (behavioral reinforcement)
DISCDevelopment Information Services Clearinghouse (USAID)
DISCDistributor Information Systems Corporation
DISCDigital Information Systems Corporation
DISCData Information Service Center
DISCDepartment of Information Systems Club (Arizona State University)
DISCDigital Interchange Standard for Cardiology
DISCDigital Integration Systems & Consultancy
DISCDocument Imaging Services Company
DISCDigital International Switching Center
DISCData Index for Software Configuration
DISCDiplomatic Intelligence Support Center
DISCDelay In Separation Code
DISCData and Information Services for CliC (Climate and Cryosphere)
DISCDesign Information System Center
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Army has enlisted Disc Marketing to test Enhanced CDs as a means of extending the reach and increasing the impact of its existing marketing programs," said Tena Clark, CEO of Disc Marketing.
In particular, Hone says disc replicators find it simpler to balance cycle speed against birefringence, disc flatness, and signal quality.
The Skip-Away is recommended for fanatical gamers, digital photographers, movie buffs, and music and stereo aficionados with disc collections of up to 500 discs.
If you can get past the difficulty of authoring and mastering a disc, the molding part might be relatively easy.
While 90 percent of lower back pain sufferers recover without surgical intervention, Disc Dynamics' DASCOR device is intended for the remaining 10 percent who seek surgical options for relief.
The most basic version would be a single-sided SD digital video disc (DVD) with 5 GB capacity - 7.
In addition to the federal tax service, an eight-state library can be included on the disc for an additional fee.
Blu-ray Disc offers a compelling, interactive entertainment and gaming platform that leaps substantially past current DVD standards," said Alan Brenner, Vice President, Mobility Group of Sun Microsystems.
Soon, the expected opening up of the market for high-density compact discs (HDCDs) will create new business and require disc replicators to establish new quality/productivity parameters.
The initial Blu-ray Disc standard allows for 25GB single layer Blu-ray Discs and 50GB dual layer Blu-ray Discs.
DVD-5 is a single-sided single-layered disc with 4.
Developed by a French spine surgeon, the Synthes' ProDisc-L total disc replacement has more than 15 years of clinical follow-up in Europe.