DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISNDisney Channel (TV network)
DISNDefense Information Switched Network (less common)
DISNDefense Information Support Network
DISNDefense Integrated Services Network
DISNDigital Integrated Services Network
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DP2-B will support user's access to critical information when bandwidth and potential disconnection from the DISN is not an overarching concern.
CSC will also provide support for other related DISN networks and systems and their respective management systems.
CACI will provide a broad range of managed network services for the DISN, including engineering; implementation planning; staging, testing, storing and installing network nodes and equipment; managing the network configuration; and providing maintenance and network expansion services.
The Global Services Management-Operations contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin in 2012 and has since received a series of task orders to operate, maintain and secure the DISN.
The reduced number of data centers and nodes that are on what is today the DISN (Defense Information System Network), the backbone, will start creating a standardized environment so that I can, in fact, protect it better, access it better and operate it more efficiently.
The SIE includes gateways to the DISN to provide SOF the ability to communicate directly with their conventional force counterparts.
Revenue contracted primarily due to the loss of the DISN Global Solutions program, completion of a program to supply technical support to the Army Reserve and National Guard, and lower material and subcontract revenues on Department of Defense contract vehicles due to delays in the release of contract funding.
Collapse and IT 50 Army sites into the DISN theater infrastructure.
Our TCF is the west coast DISN Fiber Core Terrestrial backbone.
The DISN installation at the SES WORLD SKIES facility, just minutes from DISA, The Pentagon, and other strategic Capitol-area locations, opens the door to a new level of network expandability in virtually every corner of the world.
We have excellent opportunities to leverage and capitalize on infrastructure investments that are being made within the intel community (IC) and within the DoD via the DISN (Defense Information Systems Net-work), the GIG (Global Information Grid).
The decline was due to the loss of the DISN Global Solutions program, decrease in logistics program activity largely related to in-theater force drawdown, along with lower material and subcontract revenues on Department of Defense contract vehicles, amongst other reasons.