DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISNDisney Channel (TV network)
DISNDefense Information Switched Network (less common)
DISNDefense Information Support Network
DISNDefense Integrated Services Network
DISNDigital Integrated Services Network
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First, starting this fiscal year, each mission partner or organization must pay for their consumption of DISN services.
CACI will provide a broad range of managed network services for the DISN, including engineering; implementation planning; staging, testing, storing and installing network nodes and equipment; managing the network configuration; and providing maintenance and network expansion services.
DP2-B will support user's access to critical information when bandwidth and potential disconnection from the DISN is not an overarching concern.
CSC will also provide support for other related DISN networks and systems and their respective management systems.
In addition, the company will provide support for other related DISN networks and systems and their management systems.
The IHN then eliminates the latency associated with reaching back to CONUS and provides SOF a deployable and JITC certified DISN gateway.
The DISN Access Transport Service (DATS) will replace the previous connectivity system, supporting bandwidth technology to improve the flexibility and capability of the department's communications programs.
The DISN installation at the SES WORLD SKIES facility, just minutes from DISA, The Pentagon, and other strategic Capitol-area locations, opens the door to a new level of network expandability in virtually every corner of the world.
We have excellent opportunities to leverage and capitalize on infrastructure investments that are being made within the intel community (IC) and within the DoD via the DISN (Defense Information Systems Net-work), the GIG (Global Information Grid).
Verizon Business said it will provide the bandwidth manager part of the network under the DISN Switched/Bandwidth Management Continental United States contract.
The voice engineering lab's continuing efforts ensure the ability of the DISN and DoD service infrastructures to supply prioritized and protected voice, video and data transmissions, including proposed Navy and joint communications architectures.
Juniper routers are helping to ensure that highly reliable, secure and extensible networks are delivering the right information, at the right time, while supporting full interoperability among current, Joint, Allied, Coalition, DISN and public networks.