DISN-EDefense Information Systems Network - Europe (US DoD)
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This is an important management tool that assists in tasks related to the life-cycle sustainment of DISN-E equipment," said Kwak.
It also can incorporate Signaling Systems 7, which is the cornerstone signaling system of the evolving DISN-E network.
The DISN-E contract was competitively awarded to Siemens AG on March 4, 1999.
Holzman said the Army cutover the first DISN-E switch at Mannheim Funari in August 2000, and since then has cutover 17 more Siemens switches into the DISN-E network, in locations throughout Germany and the Benelux countries, including the large multifunction switch serving HQ USEUCOM at Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.