DISRDescent Imager Spectral Radiometer (European Space Agency)
DISRDepartment of Insurance and Securities Regulation (Washington, DC)
DISRDepartment of Industry, Science and Resources (Australia)
DISRDélégué Interministériel a la Sécurité Routière (French: Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety)
DISRDeutsche Internationale Schule Riad (German: German International School Riyadh; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
DISRDepartment of Defense Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry (US DoD)
DISRDisabling Injury Severity Rate
DISRDefense Information Standards Registry (US DoD)
DISRDeutsches Informationszentrum für Sikh Religion, Sikh Geschichte, Kultur und Wissenschaft (Greman: German Information Center for Sikh Religion, Sikh History, Culture and Science)
DISRDirector of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
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The DISR showed that surface illumination is about the same as on Earth 10 minutes after sunset.
As a result half of the 700 images shot by the DISR were never relayed to Earth, nor were results from the Doppler Wind Experiment (DWE), an instrument designed to determine the speed and direction of Titan's winds The Radio Savior during descent.
As Huygens rotates slowly under the parachute, the DISR will orient itself by detecting the Sun direction once per rotation, an important precaution for constructing panoramic images after the mission.