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DISTRESSDDN/ICI Stress Test Software
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Luckily, however, for the poor wretch, he had fallen into more merciful hands; for Jones having examined the pistol, and found it to be really unloaded, began to believe all the man had told him, before Partridge came up: namely, that he was a novice in the trade, and that he had been driven to it by the distress he mentioned, the greatest indeed imaginable, that of five hungry children, and a wife lying in of the sixth, in the utmost want and misery.
He returned the fellow his empty pistol, advised him to think of honester means of relieving his distress, and gave him a couple of guineas for the immediate support of his wife and his family; adding, "he wished he had more for his sake, for the hundred pound that had been mentioned was not his own.
On the road much pleasant discourse passed between Jones and Partridge, on the subject of their last adventure: in which Jones exprest a great compassion for those highwaymen who are, by unavoidable distress, driven, as it were, to such illegal courses, as generally bring them to a shameful death: "I mean," said he, "those only whose highest guilt extends no farther than to robbery, and who are never guilty of cruelty nor insult to any person, which is a circumstance that, I must say, to the honour of our country, distinguishes the robbers of England from those of all other nations; for murder is, amongst those, almost inseparably incident to robbery.
She could neither wonder nor condemn, but the belief of his self-conquest brought nothing to her consolatory to her bosom, afforded no palliation of her distress.
He readily assured her of his secrecy; again expressed his sorrow for her distress, wished it a happier conclusion than there was at present reason to hope, and leaving his compliments for her relations, with only one serious, parting look went away.
The time has gone by when any considerati on of distress to my own feelings can w eigh with me.
Brief interview form, 17-items diabetes distress scale and 10-items psychological distress scale were used for data collection.
Construction, automotive, manufacturing and retail sectors all reported double-figure increases in the number of firms facing "critical" or "significant" distress.
The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (2004) described moral distress as occurring "when you know the ethically appropriate action to take, but are unable to act upon it or you act in a manner contrary to your personal and professional values, which undermines your integrity and authenticity" (p.
Conclusion: Almost one-third of the doctors had distress under the significant impact of multiple factors.
Patients and methods: All live newborns delivered at Armed Forces Hospital Sharurah during the study period were included and observed for development of respiratory distress.
In its latest Red Flag Alert research, which monitors a series of indicators of UK company distress, Begbies Traynor has found that manufacturing is recovering while many other sectors are experiencing a tide of continued business distress across the country.