DISUDual Input Switching Unit
DISUDigital Interface Service Unit (4ESS)
DISUDansk Industri Sikkerheds Udstyr (Danish: Danish Industrial Safety Equipment)
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The special & differential treatment provisions of the DISU are then analyzed and deemed insufficient and proposals for further reform and improvement in relation to mandatory trade compensation, monetary compensation, collective retaliation, punitive retaliation, and retroactive remedies are explored, in addition to such issues as public-private collaboration in WTO litigation, cost-effective legal resources, and countering developed countries bilateral pressure.
ADIAT DISU WAS AN OPERATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS specialist at a major technology firm when she decided that she could make a difference helping the image and condition of her homeland in an area that she loved: fashion.
48/2015-AP / DISU - to collect and transport waste produced in the municipality of Marinha Grande.