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DIVADowntown Initiative for the Visual Arts (Eugene, Oregon)
DIVADivine, Inspirational, Virtuous, Anointed
DIVADistributed Internet Voice Architecture (Shoreline)
DIVADigital Intravenous Angiography
DIVADiving Instrumentation Vehicle for Environmental Research
DIVADifferentiation/Discrimination of Infected from Vaccinated Animals
DIVADigital Video Applications
DIVADispositif Interactif de Validation des Acquis (French: Interactive Device for Validating)
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Through counsel, Microsoft demanded that the Digital Divas prove their "prior use" status.
We are very pleased to enter into a strategic relationship with Starz Encore," said David Zucker, president and chief executive officer of DIVA.
This investment demonstrates how committed both NTL and DIVA are to delivering true video-on-demand, a product that is truly differentiated from that of any other entertainment platform in the UK, Europe, or the U.
Key to the marketing agreement is the integration of DIVA technologies with the Liberate software platform, which will provide network operators with access to DIVA VOD technology and services through an open application interface.
Adding SS7 to the Diva Server product family enables Eicon partners to expand their current applications and know-how into the carrier market.
The Diva Server telephony adapters provide a full set of voice processing functions including tone detection and generation, voice activity detection and echo cancellation.
Essays including "Behind The Divas: How the VH1 Divas Concerts Came To
With Diva Server SDK, Eicon offers a modern and feature rich telephony API that provides simple and effective means to integrate Diva Server telephony boards.
The Caffe Diva case highlights how mom-and-pop investors put their faith in entrepreneurs who were big on dreams but often short on skills and, sometimes, ethics.