DIWDivision of Indian Work (Minneapolis, MN)
DIWDoing It Wrong
DIWDeutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin (German institute for economic research)
DIWD-Inside Wire
DIWDeionized Water
DIWDid I Win
DIWDoor-in-White (product feature)
DIWDeath Is Welcome
DIWDead In the Water
DIWDynamic Information Warehouse (software)
DIWDefensive Information Warfare
DIWDirect Inside Wire (phone)
DIWDesigning Information for the Web
DIWDetection, Identification and Warning
DIWDiversity Inclusion and Work/life Balance
DIWDelivery Inter Working
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KSCN reacted with DIW, and therefore gave a deep red coloration to solution containing [Fe.
One hundred microlitres of saliva was added to 10 [micro]l of 2 M NaOH and 50 [micro]l of DIW after which the sample was shaken using a Vibrax shaker for 10 sec.
Still, despite the growth in exports, employment in Germany's clean-energy businesses remains sensitive to changes in government policy, says Claudia Kemfert, head of the energy and environment department at DIW Berlin, an economic research institute.
In the past twenty years, a huge number of primary and secondary research studies have attempted to describe the increasing size and buying power that the elderly consumer segment will become in the future, for example Blisard and Blaylock (1994), Gruner + Jahr (1996), Hartl-Kasulke (1998), Waddell (2005), GfK (2005), PwC (2006), Bauer Media (2007), Reidl, (2007), DIW (2007), Meyer-Hentschel and Meyer-Hentschel (2008), GfK (2008a, 2008b) and TNS/Commeizbank (2009)
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There are an estimated 25,000 artsy expatriates living in Berlin from across Europe, Asia and North America, according to Berlin think tank DIW.
The Blue Bench DIW, through sales from increased processing and refinement, is projected to have gross sales of over USD6m within the first three years.
The DIW attempts to replicate the highly successful model with other Native American groups.
Baum: Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA and DIW Research Professor, DIW Berlin, Germany.
According to a recent study by the DIW economic think-tank, Berlin is home to 25,000 artists, lured by low rents, state support and the relatively bohemian charms of the city.
2007), "Die Bedeutung der Alteren auf dem Arbeitsmarkt nimmt deutlich zu", DIW Wochenbericht No.
Reimund Schwarze, DIW Berlin and University of Innsbruck.