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Thanks to the success of this project and continuous improvement in on-site service, the customers next 70 buses will again be equipped with Voiths DIWA transmission.
In 2010, she waged a successful nationwide campaign as representative of DIWA partylist.
Voith continues to work on its DIWA Next Generation transmission, which was firstly announced at last years IAA.
In order to make the best use of the location between the engine and transmission, Voith plans to add a central recovery unit to the DIWA in the future.
Consequently, the DIWA will control and transmit not only the drive torque in future versions, but the partial-hybrid system will also provide support for the combustion engine during demanding route sections and supply power to additional components such as the air-conditioning system through the vehicle power system.
Besides the reduced operational expenses, the DIWA.
DIWA International will be responsible to sell Engen s range of automotive, industrial and marine lubricants, greases and utility products in Togo.